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Accounting Research Journal;Full Text Journal;10309616
Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal;Full Text Journal;9513574
African Journal of Economic and Management Studies;Full Text Journal;20400705
Agricultural Finance Review;Full Text Journal;21466
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;22667
American Journal of Police;Full Text Journal;7358547
Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials;Full Text Journal;35599
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics;Full Text Journal;13555855
Asian Journal on Quality;Full Text Journal;15982688
Asian Libraries;Full Text Journal;10176748
Asian Review of Accounting;Full Text Journal;13217348
Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration;Full Text Journal;17574323
Aslib Proceedings;Full Text Journal;0001253X
Assembly Automation;Full Text Journal;1445154
Balance Sheet;Full Text Journal;9657967
Baltic Journal of Management;Full Text Journal;17465265
Benchmarking for Quality Management & Technology;Full Text Journal;13513036
Benchmarking: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;14635771
British Food Journal;Full Text Journal;0007070X
British Journal of Clinical Governance;Full Text Journal;14664100
Business Process Management Journal;Full Text Journal;14637154
Business Process Re-engineering & Management Journal;Full Text Journal;13552503
Business Strategy Series;Full Text Journal;17515637
Campus-Wide Information Systems;Full Text Journal;10650741
Career Development International;Full Text Journal;13620436
China Agricultural Economic Review;Full Text Journal;1756137X
Chinese Management Studies;Full Text Journal;1750614X
Circuit World;Full Text Journal;3056120
Clinical Governance: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;14777274
Clinical Performance and Quality Healthcare;Full Text Journal;10630279
Collection Building;Full Text Journal;1604953
COMPEL;Full Text Journal;3321649
Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal;Full Text Journal;10595422
Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management;Full Text Journal;14714175
Corporate Communications: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13563289
Corporate Governance;Full Text Journal;14720701
Critical perspectives on international business;Full Text Journal;17422043
Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13527606
Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;14777282
Direct Marketing: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;17505933
Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;9653562
Education + Training;Full Text Journal;400912
Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues;Full Text Journal;17537983
Electronic Resources Review;Full Text Journal;13645137
Employee Counselling Today;Full Text Journal;9558217
Employee Relations: The International Journal;Full Text Journal;1425455
Empowerment in Organizations;Full Text Journal;9684891
Engineering Computations;Full Text Journal;2644401
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management;Full Text Journal;9699988
Environmental Management and Health;Full Text Journal;9566163
Equal Opportunities International;Full Text Journal;2610159
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;20407149
EuroMed Journal of Business;Full Text Journal;14502194
European Business Review;Full Text Journal;0955534X
European Journal of Innovation Management;Full Text Journal;14601060
European Journal of Marketing;Full Text Journal;3090566
Executive Development;Full Text Journal;9533230
Facilities;Full Text Journal;2632772
foresight;Full Text Journal;14636689
Gender in Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;17542413
Handbook of Business Strategy;Full Text Journal;10775730
Health Education;Full Text Journal;9654283
Health Manpower Management;Full Text Journal;9552065
Human Resource Management International Digest;Full Text Journal;9670734
Humanomics;Full Text Journal;8288666
Indian Growth and Development Review;Full Text Journal;17538254
Industrial and Commercial Training;Full Text Journal;197858
Industrial Lubrication and Tribology;Full Text Journal;368792
Industrial Management & Data Systems;Full Text Journal;2635577
Industrial Robot: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;0143991X
Info;Full Text Journal;14636697
Information Management & Computer Security;Full Text Journal;9685227
Information Technology & People;Full Text Journal;9593845
Integrated Manufacturing Systems;Full Text Journal;9576061
Interactive Technology and Smart Education;Full Text Journal;17415659
Interlending & Document Supply;Full Text Journal;2641615
International Journal of Accounting and Information Management;Full Text Journal;18347649
International Journal of Agile Management Systems;Full Text Journal;14654652
International Journal of Bank Marketing;Full Text Journal;2652323
International Journal of Career Management;Full Text Journal;9556214
International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management;Full Text Journal;17568692
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology;Full Text Journal;9556222
International Journal of Commerce and Management;Full Text Journal;10569219
International Journal of Conflict Management;Full Text Journal;10444068
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management;Full Text Journal;9596119
International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research;Full Text Journal;17506182
International Journal of Development Issues;Full Text Journal;14468956
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment;Full Text Journal;17595908
International Journal of Educational Management;Full Text Journal;0951354X
International Journal of Emerging Markets;Full Text Journal;17468809
International Journal of Energy Sector Management;Full Text Journal;17506220
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research;Full Text Journal;13552554
International Journal of Event and Festival Management;Full Text Journal;17582954
International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship;Full Text Journal;17566266
International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance;Full Text Journal;9526862
International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis;Full Text Journal;17538270
International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management;Full Text Journal;17538394
International Journal of Law and Management;Full Text Journal;1754243X
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment;Full Text Journal;17561450
International Journal of Lean Six Sigma;Full Text Journal;20401466
International Journal of Managerial Finance;Full Text Journal;17439132
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business;Full Text Journal;17538378
International Journal of Manpower;Full Text Journal;1437720
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow;Full Text Journal;9615539
International Journal of Operations & Production Management;Full Text Journal;1443577
International Journal of Organizational Analysis;Full Text Journal;19348835
International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications;Full Text Journal;17427371
International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing;Full Text Journal;17506123
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management;Full Text Journal;9600035
International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management;Full Text Journal;17410401
International Journal of Public Sector Management;Full Text Journal;9513558
International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management;Full Text Journal;0265671X
International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences;Full Text Journal;1756669x
International Journal of Quality Science;Full Text Journal;13598538
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management;Full Text Journal;9590552
International Journal of Service Industry Management;Full Text Journal;9564233
International Journal of Social Economics;Full Text Journal;3068293
International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy;Full Text Journal;0144333X
International Journal of Structural Integrity;Full Text Journal;17579864
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education;Full Text Journal;14676370
International Journal of Web Information Systems;Full Text Journal;17440084
International Journal of Wine Business Research;Full Text Journal;17511062
International Journal of Wine Marketing;Full Text Journal;9547541
International Journal of Workplace Health Management;Full Text Journal;17538351
International Journal on Grey Literature;Full Text Journal;14666189
International Marketing Review;Full Text Journal;2651335
Internet Research;Full Text Journal;10662243
Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change;Full Text Journal;18325912
Journal of Advances in Management Research;Full Text Journal;9727981
Journal of Applied Accounting Research;Full Text Journal;9675426
Journal of Asia Business Studies;Full Text Journal;15587894
Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing;Full Text Journal;8858624
Journal of Business Strategy;Full Text Journal;2756668
Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies;Full Text Journal;17544408
Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship;Full Text Journal;17561396
Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management;Full Text Journal;20408005
Journal of Communication Management;Full Text Journal;1363254X
Journal of Consumer Marketing;Full Text Journal;7363761
Journal of Corporate Real Estate;Full Text Journal;1463001X
Journal of Documentation;Full Text Journal;220418
Journal of Economic Studies;Full Text Journal;1443585
Journal of Educational Administration;Full Text Journal;9578234
Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology;Full Text Journal;17260531
Journal of Enterprise Information Management;Full Text Journal;17410398
Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy;Full Text Journal;17506204
Journal of European Industrial Training;Full Text Journal;3090590
Journal of European Real Estate Research;Full Text Journal;17539269
Journal of Facilities Management;Full Text Journal;14725967
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13612026
Journal of Financial Crime;Full Text Journal;13590790
Journal of Financial Economic Policy;Full Text Journal;17576385
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction;Full Text Journal;13664387
Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance;Full Text Journal;13581988
Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting;Full Text Journal;19852517
Journal of Global Responsibility;Full Text Journal;20412568
Journal of Health Organization and Management;Full Text Journal;14777266
Journal of Historical Research in Marketing;Full Text Journal;1755750X
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology;Full Text Journal;17579880
Journal of Human Resource Costing & Accounting;Full Text Journal;1401338X
Journal of Indian Business Research;Full Text Journal;17554195
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society;Full Text Journal;1477996X
Journal of Intellectual Capital;Full Text Journal;14691930
Journal of International Trade Law and Policy;Full Text Journal;14770024
Journal of Investment Compliance;Full Text Journal;15285812
Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research;Full Text Journal;17590817
Journal of Islamic Marketing;Full Text Journal;17590833
Journal of Knowledge Management;Full Text Journal;13673270
Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China;Full Text Journal;17561418
Journal of Management Development;Full Text Journal;2621711
Journal of Management History;Full Text Journal;17511348
Journal of Management History (Archive);Full Text Journal;1355252X
Journal of Management in Medicine;Full Text Journal;2689235
Journal of Managerial Psychology;Full Text Journal;2683946
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management;Full Text Journal;1741038X
Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science;Full Text Journal;13552538
Journal of Modelling in Management;Full Text Journal;17465664
Journal of Money Laundering Control;Full Text Journal;13685201
Journal of Organizational Change Management;Full Text Journal;9534814
Journal of Place Management and Development;Full Text Journal;17538335
Journal of Product & Brand Management;Full Text Journal;10610421
Journal of Property Finance;Full Text Journal;0958868X
Journal of Property Investment & Finance;Full Text Journal;1463578X
Journal of Property Valuation and Investment;Full Text Journal;9602712
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering;Full Text Journal;13552511
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing;Full Text Journal;20407122
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship;Full Text Journal;14715201
Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China;Full Text Journal;1758552X
Journal of Service Management;Full Text Journal;17575818
Journal of Services Marketing;Full Text Journal;8876045
Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development;Full Text Journal;14626004
Journal of Strategy and Management;Full Text Journal;1755425X
Journal of Systems and Information Technology;Full Text Journal;13287265
Journal of Technology Management in China;Full Text Journal;17468779
Journal of Workplace Learning;Full Text Journal;13665626
Kybernetes;Full Text Journal;0368492X
Leadership & Organization Development Journal;Full Text Journal;1437739
Leadership in Health Services;Full Text Journal;17511879
Librarian Career Development;Full Text Journal;9680810
Library Consortium Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;14662760
Library Hi Tech;Full Text Journal;7378831
Library Hi Tech News;Full Text Journal;7419058
Library Management;Full Text Journal;1435124
Library Review;Full Text Journal;242535
Logistics Information Management;Full Text Journal;9576053
Management Decision;Full Text Journal;251747
Management Development Review;Full Text Journal;9622519
Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;14777835
Management Research News;Full Text Journal;1409174
Management Research Review;Full Text Journal;20408269
Management Research: The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management;Full Text Journal;15365433
Managerial Auditing Journal;Full Text Journal;2686902
Managerial Finance;Full Text Journal;3074358
Managerial Law;Full Text Journal;3090558
Managing Service Quality: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;9604529
Marketing Intelligence & Planning;Full Text Journal;2634503
Measuring Business Excellence;Full Text Journal;13683047
Microelectronics International: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13565362
Multicultural Education & Technology Journal;Full Text Journal;1750497X
Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures;Full Text Journal;15736105
Nankai Business Review International;Full Text Journal;20408749
National License Archive (1994-2010);DataBase Volume;1745929X
New Library World;Full Text Journal;3074803
Nutrition & Food Science;Full Text Journal;346659
OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives;Full Text Journal;1065075X
On the Horizon;Full Text Journal;10748121
Online Information Review;Full Text Journal;14684527
Pacific Accounting Review;Full Text Journal;1140582
Participation and Empowerment: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;14634449
Performance Measurement and Metrics;Full Text Journal;14678047
Personnel Review;Full Text Journal;483486
Pigment & Resin Technology;Full Text Journal;3699420
Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development;Full Text Journal;1412949
Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management;Full Text Journal;1363951X
Pricing Strategy and Practice;Full Text Journal;9684905
Program: electronic library and information systems;Full Text Journal;330337
Property Management;Full Text Journal;2637472
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13522752
Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management;Full Text Journal;11766093
Qualitative Research in Financial Markets;Full Text Journal;17554179
Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;17465648
Quality Assurance in Education;Full Text Journal;9684883
Rapid Prototyping Journal;Full Text Journal;13552546
Records Management Journal;Full Text Journal;9565698
Reference Reviews;Full Text Journal;9504125
Reference Services Review;Full Text Journal;907324
Review of Accounting and Finance;Full Text Journal;14757702
Sensor Review;Full Text Journal;2602288
Social Enterprise Journal;Full Text Journal;17508614
Social Responsibility Journal;Full Text Journal;17471117
Society and Business Review;Full Text Journal;17465680
Soldering & Surface Mount Technology;Full Text Journal;9540911
Strategic Direction;Full Text Journal;2580543
Strategic HR Review;Full Text Journal;14754398
Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;17538297
Strategy & Leadership;Full Text Journal;10878572
Structural Survey;Full Text Journal;0263080X
Studies in Economics and Finance;Full Text Journal;10867376
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13598546
Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal;Full Text Journal;20408021
Team Performance Management: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;13527592
The Antidote;Full Text Journal;13638483
The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances;Full Text Journal;0888045X
The Electronic Library;Full Text Journal;2640473
The International Journal of Logistics Management;Full Text Journal;9574093
The Journal of Risk Finance;Full Text Journal;15265943
The Journal of Risk Finance incorporating Balance Sheet;Full Text Journal;15265943
The Learning Organization: An International Journal;Full Text Journal;9696474
The TQM Journal;Full Text Journal;17542731
The TQM Magazine;Full Text Journal;0954478X
Tourism Review;Full Text Journal;16605373
Training for Quality;Full Text Journal;9684875
Training Strategies for Tomorrow;Full Text Journal;13697234
Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy;Full Text Journal;17506166
VINE;Full Text Journal;3055728
Women In Management Review;Full Text Journal;9649425
Work Study;Full Text Journal;438022
World Class Design to Manufacture;Full Text Journal;13523074
Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes;Full Text Journal;17554217
Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers;Full Text Journal;17473616